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A Genuine and Passionate Singel From Mesmerising

A single release from Mesmerising comes through with layers of character and a robust tonality that feels theatrical and impactful with a beautiful and intense performance from start to finish.

"You'll Follow Me Down" keeps mostly to a stripped-down feel focusing on piano and vocals which comes through with that cinematic and very personal soundscape.

The song comes from someplace real, and you can hear that in the music itself and in the performances as well which is one of the things that lets you get engulfed in the story and message.

This track has the feeling of being alive and breathing because of the way it's arranged and its ever-growing intensity the deeper in you go.

It also has a beautiful way of building into something climactic and big because as the song plays on you start to hear more instrumentation being Incorporated like string sections for example which again add to that cinematic and almost theatrical feel.

What gets you here, is the energy because the whole thing feels like it was recorded live on the floor and that atmosphere is enticing and addictive.

This song itself serves as a certain chapter in the songwriter's life and perhaps it was even cathartic for him to record it and get it out of his system.

It certainly feels like the type of song that would be.

One of the things that leaves you in awe is the vocal range during the performance because not only is it delivered with a certain level of passion but the range itself is incredible.

This track is easy to get engulfed in and serves as a bit of an escape or musical journey if you would, where you feel like you just read part of a good book, and when it's over you have to reacclimate yourself back to reality again.

This may have something to do with that theatrical tonality I spoke of earlier but either way, you have to love music that takes you out of where you are and brings you to another place altogether because I think that's what certain kinds of music are meant for.

This entire piece of music has a graceful undertone to it, and it did a wonderful job of whisking me away and even caused memories of my own to pop into my head while listening.

This is something that is quite a rarity these days so when it happens it's quite refreshing.

The release boasts an intense character and persona which is one of the things that gets you attached and one of the things that lures you in in the first place.

Upon listening to this track, I couldn't help but take a little bit of a deep dive into the Mesmerising back catalog on Spotify and when I did, I was delighted to find several releases dating back to 2012 all with such range and diversity that they all have a way of showing up a different side of the artist.

This is the type of musician that you pay attention to and follow because whenever gets released under this persona is going to be something that will leave a mark.

None of this is cookie cutter and none of this is empty.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what we need right now musically.

Music that makes us feel and think is something that we should cherish, and that vast and beautiful character and performance is what makes us think and what makes us feel when we hear it.

This is music that has layers and is written and performed by people who have a real love for their craft.

They do it because they need to do it, and this is a perfect example of exactly that.

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