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A Fun and Colorful Record Release from Nervous

A new album release from Nervous brings out quite a lush array of indie rock and while doing so blends in this almost vintage pop soundscape, and the songs end up sounding like they're the soundtrack from a film in the mid-80s and this is something that I absolutely adore because that aesthetic is not overtaking, but it is hinted at a lot and throughout it all, the record simply boasts such a robust character that you end up really getting attached to it from the get-go.

A lot of the songs on the Breakdown album are sing-alongs that you find yourself getting wrapped up in because they feel good to listen to you as they boast this kind of color and unique energy that almost feels like a live performance as if the songs were recorded live on the floor and the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

These tracks are classic rock tracks or at least influenced by classic rock from several decades and for me this gave the whole thing a little bit of a nostalgic undertone.

Now, having said that there are plenty of elements of postpunk, punk rock, a little experimental and psychedelic rock as well, and tons more just rolled up into one big record that feels danceable, fun, and with this vivacious vibe that grabs on to you.

The guitar work on this record is awesome but what I love possibly most about it is the fact that there is accordion on tons of these songs, and this adds a whole different layer to the tracks themselves.

This record is a little bit outside the box but super pop-oriented and catchy 90% of the time and you get the feel that some of these songs are just really orchestrated as well.

There is certainly a lot of attention to detail paid during the creation of this record but even with that, it never loses this character or the heart that it was built from in the first place and that may be the most important aspect of the entire thing.

This is one of those albums that you should be listening to the entire way through. If you listen to only one or two tracks from this record you're not getting anywhere near the full range that it has to offer and I understand that we live in somewhat of a single-based society which kind of bores me, to be honest with you, but when a band puts out a record like this you listen to the whole thing because then you get the full experience.

This is a pop-rock record with classic undertones that blend and bend genres at free will but always have this brightness to them that shows love, and you can tell these guys have a love for their craft and when I say that, I don't mean just playing their instruments or singing, I mean writing songs together to give to the world so they can have a good time.

Apparently, this is their debut record, but you can tell all these guys came from music backgrounds with plenty of experience because you don't just put songs like this together on a whim or your first time around either.

I suggest turning this record up and putting on your dancing shoes because you will have fun listening to this banger of an album that delivers this unique energy and approach and will certainly give you the right level of a nostalgic undertone for you to get in golf in the whole thing.

Everyone on this record is having a good time and the vocals come through fun and animated but really deliver melodies that stick with you for hours or even days after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to them again.

Turn this one up and have some fun.

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