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A Fresh Single From B-Mentz Hits with a Vibrant Tone

A new single from B-Mentz hits with a flurry of vivacious and fiery rap approaches and it's got such intense and unique lyrical phrasing that you become quickly addicted to not only the track itself but the character that it delivers as well.

"On The Scene" hits with a smooth flow but it also has a certain kind of energy behind it that speaks volumes for the performance vocally and this is part of what pulls you into this track so quickly.

This is the kind of song that you have to listen to two or even three times to catch a lot of what's going on lyrically and I absolutely adore that because there's so much squeeze into one song that it's super alluring.

The production on this track is also really good and it blends an old school and new school style together it has a great chorus to it and a lot of it feels radio-friendly, but it also has a slight underground tonality to it as well and a lot of that has to do with the insane flow that just keeps going and going throughout the track.

Not only does this go through an incredible amount of rap flows but it also bears some personality and honesty as well if you really listen to it and again, this is something that you pick up on after a few rounds of this track but even the first time you listen to it, it packs this great punch and can actually grow in intensity as the song plays on.

This factor alone speaks volumes for how the artist puts together a song arrangement-wise and how he tracks his music because when it comes to a song like this a lot is happening at certain times and part of it is supposed to feel almost like an underground freestyle type of rap track which is totally delivered aesthetically but it also has this polished and radio-friendly style to it as well so those two factors come together and create a sort of atmosphere for the track that has an amazing sonic presence and feel.

There's something about this track that also feels a little bit cinematic in a way as you can definitely see it in the scene of a film or a TV show but all in all this track showcases the artist's ability to write hooks that stick with you for hours or even days after a song has ended but it also shows this amazing rap ability and how much he can squeeze into one song.

This is the kind of thing that makes the artist unique along with the actual performance of it all because when you listen to it you kind of think about how he was able to do all that stuff and whether or not this was one take.

I just enjoy the fact that he's giving off a little piece of himself and certain lines and you can catch them here and there which I think is something you're supposed to do as an artist.

I thoroughly dig this classic feeling hip hop track that blends old and new school with this fiery and constant approach that has so much going on at once that it creates this sort of forward-moving flow and feels completely natural.

This is the kind of guy you know likely grew up loving the classics but also listening to underground hip hop as well because all those influences come into play here.

Check this track out as soon as you can and if I were you, I would listen to it with headphones on so you can soak everything in.

By the end of the first time you listen to this track, you'll find yourself singing that chorus.

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