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A Fresh Pop Single from Hunter Blair Ambrose

A new single release from Hunter Blair Ambrose delivers a highly impactful and vast pop single that boasts the cinematic feel a lot of the time and comes from someplace real because you can kind of feel a bit of that emotional drive in the song as well, but it's all delivered with a great persona that you end up wanting more of by the end.

"Next To Me" it's with this sort of lush set of tones that include a fresh kind of beat but also these vast synth pads that build on the song's atmosphere and float through its ether making it super ambient and almost a little bit dreamy a bit of the time.

When the chorus hits it gets a bit edgier and you hear this added synth that has a bit of an edginess to it, and this also beckons and almost vintage pop feel at times so the track does a wonderful job of blending old-school and new-school vibes but doing it in such a way that taking the best parts of those approaches and putting them in one track.

Because of this, you get hints of nostalgia during the verses but then when the chorus is hit you get a current feeling radio style and soundscape.

This is a quick banger of a single, but it's got so much going on that it feels like it's longer and during the performance of it you're getting such a high class of musicianship and delivery from every aspect of it that it's quite addictive.

The production is so well done and polished, but it also has character as do the vocals which are some of the most important parts of the track itself.

The tonality and textures of the song have a way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to and can easily picture this track in the scene of a film for example which is why I mentioned that it felt cinematic to me before.

There is this certain level of intensity that comes along with this track, and this is part of how you end up getting involved and eventually washed away with the sound of it.

This single was certainly a quick little escape for me because it ends up pulling you away from your surroundings and at times even causes memories or feelings of your own to pop into your head and that's something that makes it very connective.

Upon listening to the single I took it upon myself to go ahead and take a little bit of a deep dive through the back catalog of Hunter Blair Ambrose and I'm glad that I did because there's a slew of releases starting in 2019 that show not only her Evolution as an artist as a person, but different sides of how she writes her songs and the kinds of things she lets out when creating them.

I will be paying a lot more attention to Hunter from here on out and I suggest you do also starting with "Next To Me" because if you dig this track which I'm sure you will, then there's a lot of other stuff that you can soak in throughout the rest of your day from the artist.

Check this release out as soon as you can and see how it affects you.

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