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A Driving EP Release from Diezel has Arrived

An EP release from DIEZEL brings out a fresh take on a crossing of classic genres that bring together driving house, electronica, techno, breakbeat, and plenty more all rolled up into one three-track record that has a way of combining old school and new school approaches to create an atmosphere that you want to get up and dance to all day long.

The EP is dubbed the sizzle, and each track has a little bit of a different feel and vibe but still sticks to certain kinds of staple sounds that the artist and producer puts together for his tracks.

You can definitely hear that classic house influence but there are also pop undertones at times and more experimental feels as well which is something that I admire on a record like this especially.

One of the things I enjoyed about this EP is the fact that it steps outside the boundaries that you would expect so you get more out of it than you would a normal house or dance EP.

The first track which is the title track, has a great sort of edginess to it and also this driving and excitable energy that gets your blood pumping but it's the use of synth tones and sounds that keep this track colorful and full-bodied.

This is my favorite track of the bunch simply because it's got all of the best elements of the EP rolled into one song and again, it even breaks into some experimental breakdowns at times.

These songs all have some surprises around the corners, and this is refreshing but they also carry with them this character that sticks throughout the EP.

The second track is called "Distortion" and this one also has these sorts of alluring vocals and lush percussion to it which has a different tone in a different beat than the first track but also has that same drive as well while remaining vaster and more expansive.

I really like this one as well because it has so much going on in terms of the drums and the percussion but it also has this ambience and its undertone that makes things just feel bigger and almost cinematic at times.

The third and final track is called "Keep Going" and this one wastes no time getting ready to a heavy-handed beat and excellent energy, and towards the second half of the song, it's got this kind of almost 90s action movie feel to it where it feels like it's the type of thing you would hear in an action scene from a film of the earlier mid-90s.

So, as I said earlier, all of these songs have something a little bit different to offer but they all have this confluence between them that keeps everything together as well and gives the whole EP a sort of atmosphere that you can fall right into.

You can clearly tell the artist has a pure passion and love for his craft and has been doing it for a long enough time to be able to put together a solid record that has all the elements that you want out of the genre that he performs and writes.

This is an example of an excellent DJ and producer releasing records that hit what they're going for aesthetically.

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