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A Drifting and Vivid Single from FGA

A new single release from FGA gives off a vast and progressive rock soundscape that comes with a certain kind of undertone that lets it feel like it's alive and breathing in as it swells and sways but the whole thing comes with a sort of descriptive set of lyrics that let you picture things in your head, and this is part of what really grabs at you.

"Lights Out In The City" has a great floating sort of feeling to it and you find yourself drifting along with the sound and the vibe of the track as a whole but the energy on it's really amazing because it feels like it was tracked live on the floor and the players were just feeding off of each other's energies the whole time.

I really enjoyed this aspect especially because you can hear this sort of slow that the drummer gives off along with layers of guitars that melt into each other giving the song a dreamy approach at times.

There is a sort of subtlety to this track although it is a rock song indeed it comes with a sort of smooth backbone, and I really liked this because it keeps things so dynamically balanced that it serves almost like an escape because when you're listening to the song it has a way of pulling you away from your surroundings and putting you in a different place altogether.

This is something you don't get all that often so when it comes along it's very refreshing and I feel like music like this especially, is meant to be a little bit of an escape so you can be in the place that the song is about and you can be in this atmosphere that this track delivers for a chunk of time and forget about your reality for that time.

The whole song was beautifully constructed and it's the kind of song where if any element was missing it wouldn't feel the same.

I also have to touch on the mix of this track, and a lot of people don't talk about this but I love to because it's so imperative especially with a song like this because certain elements of the guitar tones for example are nice and wet with an almost airy or drippy feel to them and this gives that floaty effect and these are the kinds of things that are important for the aesthetic of the song.

I really like the way the drums were recorded as well because it feels like they were distanced just a little bit almost like they put a hint of reverb on those drums, and it felt like he was recorded in this bigger room or bigger space, and this also adds to that almost live performance sort of energy that the song gives off as well.

One of the things I noticed is that the vocals are mixed in with the song almost like they were an instrument themselves and I feel like this works super well for a track like this because the song is a little bit progressive and has a certain flow to it sonically and dynamically so if the vocals were sitting too far on top of the music it would just feel a little bit different.

Hats off to whoever mixed this track for sure and maybe it was a member of the band I'm not sure, but either way it's done really well, and the song comes through the way it was meant to.

I adore songs that let you escape into them the way this one does and the whole thing was performed with a persona to it that you end up wanting more of by the end of the track.

Check this out as soon as you can, and I would suggest listening to it with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to really soak the whole thing in properly.

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