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A Colorful Single from Calamity Jay Delivers a Deep Groove

A new single from Calamity Jay brings out a classic rock undertone with an inviting atmosphere and some gorgeous guitar work along with robust vocal harmonies with a deep groove that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"Gatecrasher" gives the air of live performance because the track itself has this aesthetic of performers that are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and that makes the whole thing sound almost alive and breathing.

This track definitely showcases the band's natural abilities in their songwriting along with their instruments and singing because you can tell they adore creating music together and when they do, it's something that comes through colorful and has a boisterous heart and soul to it. Those are the elements that really let you get attached to the music.

I enjoyed the combination of that blues guitar performance with some great effects throughout the track and how it's right up in the same forefront as the vocals which works super well because those two elements complement each other amazingly.

The way the vocals and the lead guitar licks bounce back and forth between each other a lot of the time is brilliant and the actual vocal performance itself has tons of soul just embedded in its soundscape as it's delivered with such a joyous feel.

Like I said, you can tell they're just having a blast making this track and this single makes you want to go see them live because if this kind of energy and vivacious color is captured so well on record, then seeing them live must be outstanding.

There is this relaxed element about it like this is completely natural and both members of this duo have been doing it for God knows how long.

I also feel like they're different influences being brought into the song especially because it does have a little bit of funk, it's got plenty of classic rock, it's got plenty of blues, and there's a lot more that are all rolled into this one single that kind of mesh together and create this very flowing approach to the songwriting.

This is quite a performance by all parts and I think that the song speaks volumes for the project, and upon listening to it I couldn't stop myself from taking a little bit more time with some previous releases and I'm certainly glad I did because I came across two singles that are both good, each with a different vibe showing a little bit of a different side of the duo and their songwriting approaches.

Of course, this also showed how they have a bit of a staple sound as well and a lot of this comes from the vocals and how they're performed together.

This is a type of group where if you love one song, you're going to love the rest of them so I would suggest after listening to the single that you check out the other two on their Spotify.

For me, this is more than worth my time and I found a group that I'm going to be keeping an eye out for shortly for whatever they have to release next.

If you like classic feeling rock and blues music with heart, Soul, color, unique energy, and a story to tell, then Calamity Jay is 100% for you.

Check this out as soon as you can and you will not soon be disappointed.

This is the kind of song that makes singers want to sing and guitar players want to pick up the instrument and start jamming.

We need more music like this.

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