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A Brilliant Album from Future Vintage XO

A fresh new album from Future Vintage brings on an array of R&B, indie pop, dream pop, hip hop, and soul all wrapped up into one massive record that delivers so much character and edge that you can't really look away from it.

Nostalgia Deluxe album is absolutely brimming with surprises around the corner, heart, and this authenticity that makes you really understand that this record has meaning behind it, and that in turn lets it have an impact as well.

There's nothing cookie-cutter about this record whatsoever and all the songs on it show a little bit of a different approach to production, wrapping, singing, and songwriting which I find outstanding because the record never gets boring even for a second and that's something that's a rarity so when it comes alone, it's very refreshing.

The lyrical flows are ever-changing and some of the choruses on these songs are anthemic and massive with a soulful and memorable hook that ends up just bouncing around in your brain for hours or sometimes even days after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to them again.

One of the other things I loved about this record is how it seamlessly blends this sort of vintage undertone with a refreshing overtone so that you have old and new combined together and this in itself creates an atmosphere that you just fall right into.

Certain tracks give off a heavy nostalgic feel for me but even those tracks have an undertone of this sort of vast ambience to them that makes everything more updated and the way that he melts textures together and makes them work is impressive.

This is one of those albums where you need to listen to the full thing from beginning to end because if you don't then you're not getting the full range of spectrum that this release delivers and that is important because each track has a little bit of a different personality to it and usually a banging chorus which is something that makes the whole thing that much more addictive.

There are different kinds of synths and keys, some to add texture to the ether of songs, others to add a musical hook on the upfront but either way you get tracks that give you heavy grooves and these great almost cinematic backbones at times.

There's even a brilliant cover of "Electric Eel" by MGMT on the record and not only does it pay homage to the original, but it takes a whole different approach and comes through super smooth.

As I said, there are a lot of great surprises around the corners of this record and to soak them all in listening to it as a whole is a must.

This album speaks volumes for the artist in my opinion and showcases not only his presence as a performer but his ability to adapt and create different songs and characters that all come together on one album, so you get such a lush array of styles and approaches.

This release is danceable and has, electric energy, vibrancy, vigor, loads of attention to detail, and plenty of character so you can listen to it more than once and still never get bored for a second.

And endlessly fun and addictive album release that pulls you away from your surroundings and lets you escape into a different world for a chunk of time, check out the Nostalgia Deluxe record as soon as you get a chance.

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