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A Beautiful and Vivacious Single from The Free Spirits

A brand-new release from The Free Spirits brings out an amazingly lush character and delivers a message that is so uplifting and genuine that you just can't look away.

"Follow Your Dreams Reloaded" is a wonderfully woven single that brings together elements of classic rock, a little bit of funk, contemporary rock, and so much more all rolled into one track and, with that, delivers an atmosphere and a vibe that gives off such vibrancy in color that you become attached to it right from the get-go.

One of the things I love most about this track is the fact that it jams out a little bit and you have not only tasteful guitar solos but even key and organ solos as well among other instruments blending this classic rock feel into a pop overtone.

The song has such a beautiful and forward-moving flow but it's really that persona that you end up loving so much because the song, as the title suggests, is about following your dreams and just making them come true.

I for one, am a big fan of this kind of positivity delivered through music and any form of art because I think that people need this sort of reinforcement so for Shari it makes perfect sense but for the listener, maybe they needed to hear that. 

There are a lot of people who just need to hear those words to know they're doing the right thing because when you're trying to follow your dreams, it can be hard and no matter what level of that dream you're aiming for, there are obstacles that get in the way so to have a song like this by your side is almost everything.

I agree with her 100% And do think that people should be following their dreams, but I love how this track puts that out there with such a blunt approach but also with such a joyous and vibrant tone at the same time.

Shari is certainly someone with a multitude of musical talents as she plays multiple instruments and sings, likely writes all the songs herself, and takes her time to let her songs actually have meaning.

To me, this is a rarity in the business and in music so when I hear a song like this it makes me happy.

This single certainly makes you feel good, and it is of an uplifting vibe which is quickly infectious as are her vocals that have this endless energy and charisma that push the songs to where they need to be.

The approach and entire aesthetic of this song were completely nailed from beginning to end and I love the people that she has on board with her project because it seems like everyone that she surrounds herself with stands on the same ground, and has this same amazing level of musicianship, and you can tell that there's just this massive love for the craft and when I say that, I don't just mean playing instruments or singing, I mean writing songs and putting them out there so that they can impact someone.

This was fun, danceable, had a great groove, and delivered that wonderful character, the energy was perfect, and the whole thing had heart which may be the most important part of it all.

The Free Spirits is Shari Tallon and Chris Birkett and they indeed make a perfect duo.

I would put this track on first thing in the morning because if you do, your day is just going to go with certain way.

It's going to be brighter, you're going to aim for your goals, and you're going to feel like you can follow that dream.

So the message is received loud and clear and we're happy to have it delivered by someone that takes joy and time, love and energy out of their own life to be able to do so.

Spreading a message like this is very important and Shari a damn near perfect job of doing just that.

But don't take my word for it, have a listen to this track when you get a chance and see how it affects you.

You can also find this track on their full-length album release dubbed Circle of Sound released today (March 20th) on Bandcamp. We provided a link to that below as well!

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