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3mind Blight Drops a Genre Bending collaboration with "Reflections"

3mind Blight returns with a powerful single that breathes and swells as it plays on.

"Reflections" is an atmospheric and darker song that keeps a great alternative edge while holding true to its pop sensibility.

Lush with gorgeous and passionate vocal performances by both members of this collaborative project between 3mind Blight and Sophie Dorsten, the song has tons of heart and clearly comes from a real place as lyrics get brutally honest and upfront.

The single bares no walls and is there for everyone to attach themselves to and believe me, you will get attached quickly.

This track has a beautifully strung together sound bringing natural and digital instrumentation together and creating something with it's its own vibe and life.

"Reflections" can engulf you and almost swallow you whole but that's okay. That's what the song is meant to do. It's meant to connect. Something not all music does anymore.

Of course, this isn't 3mind Blight's first rodeo either.

The band has released a number of singles throughout 2020 and you can hear the growth and evolution in songwriting style but it's all very addictive and the previous releases are a bit more guitar driven and hard rock oriented.

There is a full catalog of great material to listen to and it's all cinematic and massive feeling.

Check out 3mind Blight , you will be happy you did.

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