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Vanessa Lio lets it all out with her new single release

The latest single release form Vanessa Lio gives off a performance packed with soul and passion in a full on display of emotionally driven R&B with elements of rock, and even hints of southern twang hiding underneath the surface.

"The Way I Feel" is a brutally honest song that breathes and swells with life and intensity as Lio's fiery vocals take over.

This artist lets it all out during her performance and it helps the whole track shine the way it does.

There are no walls built around the creation of this track from lyrical content, to the production alike as guitars come in and add a new presence to the feel of it all.

The songs chorus is is built with layered vocals in an ambient tonality that really gives the song its won atmosphere.

This was a short and sweet song that came from someplace within her. Stemming from life experience, Lio uses music to free herself and her thoughts.

The song comes through colorful and lush with a beautiful palette of textures that all gets topped of with her bright presence as a vocalist.

She's got power in her singing and that's what gives this song the punch it has.

"The Way I Feel" falls in line with some of her previous works but also boasts a fresh style and dips into something a little different. You'll find that is also part of her style.

Each of her singles has something a little different to bring to the table which is wonderful to hear as an artist. The fact that her music evolves just like she does as a person is quite attractive as an artist.

Take a minute or 3 to check this single out and if you like it, go hit the Vanessa Lio releases on Spotify as you'll be sure to find more for your playlists.

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