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Ugochill and The Turtle Project Deliver a Song with a Message

A new single from Ugochill featuring The Turtle Project gives off a very vast rock tonality that comes through lush and with a lot of character as it gives an important message that a lot of us can relate to simply because it's in our everyday lives whether we pay attention to it or not.

"No More" is a truck about the people in the world paying so much attention to the media feeding us whatever they want to and most of us believe everything that they have to say but the truth is that their job is to sell us things and one of those things is fear.

A lot of us get caught up in the lives of news and media and never actually realize what's really going on in the world so a song like this must be out there letting people know that we are being lied to and we're just part of this mass propaganda that's being pushed upon us daily.

Not only does this track deliver and message that we should be thinking about but along the way you get this vivacious alternative rock backbone that really hits hardest at its choruses and when that happens it becomes this explosive energy that you end up getting caught up in quickly.

I think one of the more important things about the track aside from the message, is its actual character and persona because that is also something that you start to become attached to as the song plays on because it feels like you're talking to a friend and the song becomes more relatable for that.

You understand where this track is coming from, and it does a great job musically of balancing textures and arrangement because this is something that sort of breathes and builds when it needs to.

There are elements of punk rock, alternative rock, indie rock, contemporary, and so much more just rolled up to this one massive song and it showcases such an eclectic and multi-influenced approach to utilizing emotional drive and music.

And believe me, there is plenty of emotional drive behind this track because not only is it talking about the media feeding us lies and how we're all sort of rats in a maze because of it, but it's also about not taking it anymore which is why the song, of course, is called "No More".

It's about being fed up and saying no more to the lies that you're being fed, and I think that Ugochill has its finger on that pulse pretty damn well.

One of the things I love about this is that it takes that emotional drive and the feel of knowing this is going on and articulates them not only into words but to music as well and that to me can sometimes be a bit mind-blowing, but I love it.

A lot of us have loads of emotions but simply don't know how to export that or get it off of our chest because we can't articulate it in such ways.

So it's great to hear a track that we understand so that we don't feel alone in certain things that we know about.

It's up to bands and artists like this to be able to stand up for us and speak the words that we're thinking.

This was an awesome track that had great energy and came together with such a tasteful musical approach but still hit hard when it needed to so it felt genuine and authentic.

Check this song out as soon as you get a chance and turn it up.

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