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A Vivacious Pop Banger from Andrew Cassara

A single release from Andrew Cassara gives off an outstanding cross between a 90s pop approach with banging keys and beats along with vivacious vocals and a very colorful but edgy approach and a street electro-pop type of vibe as well with an insanely danceable and addictive approach and soundscape that builds an atmosphere super quickly but all in all, it's the character that's delivered you get attached to so fast.

"Rock Boom Baby" is packed to the brim with a near-perfect sort of swagger but for me, it's this blend of a sort of pristine pop vibe that comes through super radio-friendly and that darker sort of edginess in its underbelly that gets me intrigued because this in itself is what helps deliver that character in that persona.

This whole track has a completely unstoppable energy and upon listening to the track it just made me want to go see this performed live in my face simply because if the energy is captured this well on record, then seeing it live must be awesome.

The course of this track hits hard and sticks in your head for hours or even days after the song is ended and by the second and third time around, you'll be singing along with it with your fists in the air.

This song certainly has that classic '90s boy band tonality and it works like a charm because it's taking that feel and bringing it into a newer platform that combines a little bit more of a harder edge along with that classic approach, so you have something that feels a bit nostalgic at times but also has a lot of added punch and drive to it.

The track is incredibly fun and if you listen to it in the car, you will be shaking your butt in your seat, if you listen to it in the living room then move the furniture back a few feet so you can dance around.

This is a song that will make you move and what's just as fun is the accompanying music video because this in itself also shows Andrew's presence as an artist and how bright and electric that is visually.

You get great dance choreography along with more personal shots and the whole thing is bursting with color.

I adore this artist because not only does Andrew bring that energy and that charisma to the music, but it's also brought to the videos, and this is something that you have to have both of to put yourself out there as an artist that knows what they're doing.

You can tell that Andrew is a performer who has an absolute love for the craft and upon listening to this track I had to take a little bit of a deep dive into the artist's back catalog and I'm glad that I did.

I found a plethora of material that is outstanding and the most fun part of it all is to be able to start from the earliest release on Spotify which was 2017 and work my way up through now because then I was able to hear his evolution as an artist and that was a blast.

Andrew Cassara is an example of an artist who is releasing music with fewer boundaries than the norm but still keeping things super pop-oriented, catchy, fun, and edgy, and everything is performed with a certain level of heart that just gets you attached.

An excellent track from an artist who knows no bounds, check this track out when you get a chance, and don't be afraid to turn it up.

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