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A Character Riddled Rock Record from Estin & The 86'd

An album release from Estin & the 86'd brings together a lively combination of what feels like a southern undertone rock approach and a classic 90s radio rock as well and these two things go hand in hand and seem to complement each other incredibly well throughout this record but it's really this sort of persona or character that's delivered that you end up getting attached to first.

The Mileage album has a bit of range to it as well and the energy that's captured on the record really feels almost like a live performance and maybe some of these songs were recorded live on the floor and the players were just feeding off of each other the whole time.

I can't be sure about that of course, but listening to the record really makes you want to see them perform this whole album live because when you have a record that captures this kind of energy so well then you just know seeing it live will be amazing.

Again, this has that 90's radio rock feel where it's got bits of grunge bits of alternative rock bits of pop rock and a lot more all rolled into one record and for me this was pretty nostalgic, but they do things in their own way, and they put their own spin on it as well as bringing together all these different influences that everyone in the band must have.

In the end, you get a record that's full-bodied and lush but also has edginess and catchiness as well because there are loads of choruses throughout this record that stick in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to them again which to me is smart songwriting, but I think these guys just do it naturally and that's how they write.

The guitar tones and the riffs themselves all have a killer sonic presence, and it really adds this extra drive to the record, but the vocals grab at you because there are a lot of songs where the singer is being very honest lyrically and that makes the songs all the more genuine and sometimes emotionally driven even.

There are definitely more than a handful of singles on this record that stand on their own two feet incredibly well however, this is the type of record that you want to listen to from beginning to end this way you can pick up on all the stories that are happening but you can also get the full spectrum that the album has to offer which cannot be done by only listening to one or two tracks alone.

The deeper into the album you go the more you get these other elements that kick in like hints of rockabilly, that real southern rock feel, and all of it is just riddled with this character and at times that can feel almost animated but it's really something that blends a color and edginess together super well.

I personally and more of a fan of the street grunge type of songs that they do because they really hit that aesthetic so incredibly well and those songs have this sort of sucker punch to the gut type of energy to them and they pulled that off without a hitch.

But again, this record is a bit eclectic but all that falls under this great sort of 90s rock range or umbrella if you will and you can tell that the whole band just has an absolute love for what they're doing and an absolute love for the craft and when I say that, I don't mean just playing your instruments or singing, I mean writing these songs together and putting them out to the world and they probably love performing live as well.

Again, this is the type of band you can tell is going to crush it live.

Check this record out when you can, and I can't express enough how you should be listening to the whole thing from beginning to end which is only about half an hour long so I'm sure you'll have the time.

This record will not let you down especially if you are a fan of straight rock, grunge, alternative, pop rock, anything that's got guts, honesty, heart, and has fun.

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