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The Shrimps – Everything You Need To Know

The Shrimps are a brother duo that write and perform their own songs. The music itself was in the acoustic, alt and folk veins. There’s not much to be found on the Internet about this band, but I think that’s done on purpose. The Shrimps probably want their music to speak for itself and not let brands or PR overshadow what’s most important of all – the music. Right away, when I hit play on the band’s latest album Everything You Need To Know, the warm instrumentals washed over me and I was getting great vibes from the band. The male lead vocals sing with tons of emotionality and as his vocals move over the course of the album. The instrumentals in the background are also a blast and the combination was great. Everything You Need To Know begins with “Kidology,” where chord progressions on the acoustic guitar enter the sound for a revved vibe. Next, some drumming beats come in for a more dynamic sound. The vocals feel warm and enticing. I loved the invigorating energy coming from the band here. The sounds were a mixture of acoustic, alt and folk. The keys were also a great addition here. There was a sauntering vibe to “Enter The Dragon” that reminded me of lounge music. The combined vocal harmonies are sung joyously. Some falsettos are intertwined with normal vocals for an interesting take. I enjoyed the energy of this track. Some synths enter the sounds on “Life.” Next, some drumming beats roll in alongside some funky guitars that give off a wonky vibe. I thought this was a very atmospheric song and the male lead vocalist sings with feeling on this track. Some beats strut in alongside some keys for a mesmerizing sound on “Always Be Happy.” The male lead vocals are filled with mood and feeling here as he belts out the lyrics with gusto. Though the music was rather sparse, it made for a powerful release. Some funky and groovy tunes come in at the start of “Contender.” I loved the fun-loving vibes of this song that definitely made for a great listen. Here, the male lead vocals are drenched in distortion and this gives off a gritty vibe. This track had a heavier vibe than the previous tracks which I thought was a nice change of pace. Some radioactive guitars strutted into the start of “Julie Patchouli.” Next, the male lead vocals entered and I was reminded of alt bands from the ‘90s. The band offered a feel-good vibe and I enjoyed how great this track sounded. On “Sunday Everywhere,” the band changes up their vibes for some simmering Americana and country sounds. The steel lap guitar was a great addition here. I loved the country-twang vocals and felt that the genuine lyrics really pointed to an authentic Americana/country sound. On “Wearing My Hat,” more funky and wonky vibes from the guitars comes from this release. It made for a very invigorating listening experience. Next, the male lead vocals are drenched in reverb and I was getting some bustling blues from his singing style. I enjoyed this quirky and whimsical track. Lastly is “Sign,” where the instrumentals come together for more funk-filled vibes. The sound slowly simmers and grows in vibe. Next, the male lead vocals on this closer are imbued with tons of attitude. The Shrimps definitely have something here. Their dynamic and compelling musicianship and captivating vocals all point to the band members’ absolute talent and chemistry. This was a pretty eclectic record filled with a smorgasbord of sounds and I think there’s definitely something for everyone here. This was a great start from the band and I definitely look forward to hearing more from them soon!

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