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The Safety Word Delivers A Dream-Pop Banger

If you are not quite familiar with the sounds of The Safety Word, then let us be among the first to introduce you as their new single "Colour of Water" takes you for a seemingly boundless journey into a dream pop universe and lets you float just inches above the ground as if in a dream.

This beautiful release has a way of putting you almost in a trance and letting you come along for a bit of a ride which all feels delightful and everything about it weaves together these different sounds to create a consistency.

At its roots, this is electronic music and the project itself has many arms that delve into genres, especially if you pay attention to releases.

The duo has over 39 releases under their belt on their Bandcamp page and music hits down tempo, chill vibes, alternative and soul-pop, and they even touch on things like vintage synth-pop when they feel like it.

The beauty of all this is that they always take their own approach and are able to build a plethora of different fields while still keeping true to their staple feel.

"Colour Of Water" is a gorgeous track that has the duo's smooth and flawless tones, and it works wonders for the listener and their imagination.

If you love songs that give a classy and polished dream pop vibe, then these guys are absolutely for you and what I would suggest is that you begin with the single and work your way back through their catalog.

We're going to give this a 9 out of 10 without question.

Check this out when you get a chance, you certainly will not regret it.

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