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The progressive sounds of The Projj

A new album release from The Projj gives an enlightening and progressive approach that brings with it a vast rock undertone combined with a moody electronic subscape that creates an atmosphere that you can swim through and during it all you get what feels like a concept record as songs strangely interconnect with each other and serve almost as chapters like a book would.

The DESERTROCK album has plenty of layers that can be peeled back and the deeper you dig into the album the more you can do so.

My favorite thing about this whole release is its element of escapism and how it's able to take you out of your own reality and into a different world for a good chunk of time because it's something you don't get that often anymore.

The soundscapes are lush and have a wonderful way of combining those electronic beats with those progressive guitars and floaty, dreamy vocals.

This record has a great soul to it and there was a lot of attention to detail throughout its creation which is easily evident but throughout it all it never loses that actual soul which may be the most important thing of it all.

I love that you get such great guitar work that feels like it's from a classic rock record scattered about through these gigantic atmospheres because it's such a great energy and dynamic balance texture-wise.

A lot of this record is intensely cinematic, and I love how it's ways and swells because the whole thing has this feeling of being alive and breathing.

You can definitely tell a lot of time and energy went into making this record and it was well worth it because the whole thing comes through with character and persona.

This was such a wonderful fusion of different genres in worlds combining into one vibe and being able to tell stories in such a format is borderline genius.

By the time the records over, you sort of have to shake it off to reacclimate yourself back to reality again and I love that aspect.

This did indeed feel like reading a book or watching a film.

The energy balance is really well pulled off and you're able to get engulfed in this record and then in the end, get washed away with it as well.

In between all that, however, you get to swim through it which feels great.

This is pretty much unlike a lot of stuff that I've heard before, but it takes elements of familiar sounds and brings them into one place which can be very difficult to do however, these guys pull it off really well and they do it with charm to boot.

This was a massive opus of a record, and I would definitely suggest listening to it from start to finish with headphones on so you could soak it in properly.

Dive into this one the minute you get a chance and give yourself some time to do it right.

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