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The Inner Workings and Music of Andreas Berndt

A very lyrically descriptive song recently released by Andreas Berndt gives you some insight into a timely struggle that seems like something that would be a bit difficult to express as the song describes a situation of distress that a lot of the time feels something like a cry for help.

The song is called Mania & Pain, and it is a song that features a piano with other sorts of keys and layers of vocals along with strings and it all feels like something out of a scene from a film.

The release is beautifully constructed and is song with a bit of heartache but it's the description of how he's feeling that gets the point across so well.

You see, this song seems to be about taking certain kinds of pills to help feel better from some sort of pain but they wear off and when they do Andreas, or whoever it is actually about, takes a look back at himself from earlier in the day and begins to struggle with the fact that the pills are wearing off and who he was as a person when they were in full effect.

Some of the lines in the song are so descriptive with so much detail that it almost hurts, and this is where the base of addiction may come in.

If you have ever been in a situation where you got hurt or you needed to take some kind of pills to be more stable mentally, this is something that a lot of times has to be dealt with as that person.

It is not easy, but it is artists like Andreas that bring these things into the light.

This is a beautiful song that will have a heavy-handed effect on those who can relate to the topic, and this includes not only the people who are taking pills but their loved ones as well.

It is also not an easy thing to watch from the outside.

Again, I must say, this is my take on the song but after listening to it three times, I feel pretty confident that hit the nail in terms of what this song expresses and I think it is brave of Andreas to put it out in the open.

Have a listen for yourself as the song is incredibly well done.

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