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The Honest and Cinematic Tones of Jen Ash

A new single release from Jen Ash comes through with a cinematic sort of feel and an emotional drive that gives everything this lush honesty and character that you end up becoming attached to very quickly and it's all done with a particular charm and atmospheric undertone that you get engulfed in and then washed away with.

"Cold" is delivered with such a passionate performance vocally that although it has a pop overtone, it's got an R&B vibe to it and it feels like this is a natural place for Jen and her presence is an artist shines with this track.

There are certain things about the song that take an almost vintage pop approach and bring it into a current R&B tonality which I enjoyed because it gave me hints of nostalgia at times.

You can tell that this track was born from someplace real, and it has that authentic style and, especially energy.

This is the sort of track that leaves you a little bit in awe of artists like Jen simply because she's able to take these emotions and feelings and articulate them into words and then into music.

I feel this way because all of us have a lot of emotional drive obviously, but very few of us can articulate that and transform it into something external.

I've always been a little blown away by that sort of thing, but I'm reminded of it only when I hear a song that brings it to the forefront the way this one does.

It feels like Jen has no problems burying her soul after her music and there may be even a level at which making this song was cathartic for her.

Either way, it's certainly relatable to a lot of people and that relatability comes through because of the way the track is performed.

The music is beautiful and flowing with an almost dreamlike feel at times and there is an almost fantastical element to the way everything sounds.

I feel like Jen is in her zone when she's in the recording booth doing her thing because she's able to just let go and because of that it feels like there are fewer boundaries with her performances than you would normally hear and pop music.

The fact that it sort of swells at times and can become more intense, which makes it feel like it's alive and breathing in its own way, and it's kind of rare to come across a song that does that so when you do it's refreshing.

There's an element about our performance on the song that makes you feel like singing is just absolute second nature for her like walking and chewing gum at the same time.

I feel like she's been singing since he was a kid and it's the type of artist that sang harmonies to songs on the radio and she was a teenager.

You just get that vibe from the vocal performances because of how natural and flowing they come through.

This song and more so, this artist has a lot to give and a lot to say and she does it with her style and with no walls around her so I'm certainly going to be keeping a close eye out for Jen Ash in the near future.

Take a listen to this single and you'll see exactly what I mean and why I'll be keeping an eye out for her.

Listen to this song with headphones.

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