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The Deep Rooted Alt-Rock of Til Now

A fresh single dropped by Til Now is a refreshing and emotionally driven alt-rock track that feels anthemic and deep rooted.

"Save Yourself" is a personal and brooding song that brings a great edge to a radio rock feel with floating guitars, memorable vocal melodies, and hard hitting back bone.

The song has an epic undertone to it and comes through vibrant and powerful with touches of bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, Silverchair, and others.

The song reaches into the gunge realm at times but keeps to it's perfected and passionate rock style without losing it's heart.

"Save Yourself" is the second of two singles released recently from the artist. The first was called "You're Not Welcome" and also reaches into his own personal life experience.

Til Now certainly uses chapters of his life to write these songs and this is why they come through with so much honesty and realness.

Haunting backing vocal harmonies, and building sections right into addicting chours lines and hooks all still very emotional.

These songs have a certain energy and vast soundscape that almost come across cinematic.

Both songs are super playlist worthy and you should check these out now.

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