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T.E.E Gives Off Honest and Edgy Vibes with His New Album

An album release from T.E.E brings out an array of varied rap styles and approaches that are backed by invasive and lush beats that each have a persona of their own and the artist's rapping Style adapts to these tracks in this music with each one so you have this flurry of tracks that come down hard but with different attitudes and different vibes so it's very easy to get wrapped up in this record.

The Everything album is laced with character and persona, a lot of honesty, and a great sort of swagger so you end up getting attached to that character very quickly and it sticks throughout the rest of the record.

This release speaks volumes for the artist and there are more than a few surprises around the corners with all kinds of approaches to lyrical phrasing, rhythm changes, progressions, and topics which is something that gives this record such a full body feel and by the time you get halfway through, you begin to expect the unexpected which is something I value on any kind of album in any kind of genre.

There are quite a few tracks here that get personal and with those he gives pieces of himself and that is something you don't always get so when it comes through it's very refreshing and enlightening at the same time and these are the kind of songs that lure me in.

You also get straight up hard-hitting bangers as well throughout the record so it's a great combination and balanced dynamically in terms of how the songs are written and performed.

A lot of love and heart went into creating this record along with plenty of attention to detail because the whole thing came through very polished and pristine but it's still never lost that character that it starts with in the first place and that might be the most important aspect of it all.

The way that T.E.E displays his various approaches and levels of honesty throughout these songs is very unique and gives the record a little bit of class in a way because you're getting these layers that you can peel back throughout the album.

You can hear different kinds of influences coming through on certain tracks it's super easy to tell that this is something that comes like second nature to him.

Wrapping is something that this artist must have been doing since a young child because the flows seem endless at times and the way that he puts his words together is borderline brilliant, but it all has the right attitude and it's not just a black-and-white record. There's depth to this album.

That is certainly something that I adore about the record and on top of that, each beat is unique in itself and he transforms that character per song and beat to what he's feeling at the time so you can tell that some of the stuff is almost spur of the moment go with the flow type of performances and that comes through on the record and gives it this alive and breathing kind of feel.

This is a well above average hip hop record that shows persona, charisma, honesty, color, edginess, and an outside-the-box approach to building a full album that is indeed a massive record.

Having said that, you definitely want to try and listen to this album in full so that you can get the full spectrum of what it has to offer.

I understand we live in a single-based society and there are more than a handful of singles that would work incredibly well off of this record but, listening to the whole album is more like an experience because a lot of these songs are like chapters from the artist's life and you don't get the full story unless you listen to the whole thing.

Dig into this record as soon as you can and turn it up.

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