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Syd Rose Releases a Beautifully-Woven New EP

A brand new EP release from Syd Rose is something that we've been waiting for quite some time and now that it's finally here we can truly say that it has exceeded our expectations, especially in terms of the different styles of pop overtone songwriting that the artist actually delivers throughout this record which is all riddled with such robust personality and laced with such intense honesty, that it all comes together perfectly.

The Half the Things I Said EP is very full-bodied and very connective in terms of the songs themselves as each track seems to serve almost like a chapter in Syd's life and if you listen carefully enough you can hear the story of the EP as a whole so when you listen to this record, you really should be doing it from beginning to end.

I say this not only so that you get a full story out of the EP because again, it is kind of like a concept release, but also because if you only listen to one or two tracks from this record then you're not getting the full spectrum of what it actually has to offer.

Each of these songs expresses a little bit of a different emotional backbone and drive and does it differently, especially in the songwriting approaches because you have these impactful and intense sorts of ballads with bowed instruments and a cinematic vastness, and then you have these colorful and bright, vivacious and charismatic pop singles that also throw you hooks that stick with you.

This is more of an experience than just an EP and Syd is certainly letting us into her personal thoughts and emotions, feelings and the way that she wears her heart on her sleeves throughout this record is quite a beautiful thing because we can all relate to a lot of these different songs so that connection is also very evident when you listen to it.

I feel like this whole EP was cathartic for her to write and release and we're not strangers to the artist either because we had the pleasure of hearing one of the songs from the EP when it was released as just a single on its own called "Structural Damage" and we got a glimpse of what we thought would be the sound for the EP, but we were wrong.

This track is just one part of the full sound of this record and it's the type of thing that can make you think and can sort of wrap itself around you.

This was beautifully done with plenty of attention to detail but also a lot of heart and this level of authenticity that comes with the honesty that the songs deliver.

There are some surprises around the corners of the record, and just outstanding instrumentation with the whole release along with her not only honest but passionate vocal performances that have a youthful cry out in their own way.

This is a very relatable and understandable release and I suggest that you don't miss this one.

Have a good hard listen to this record and see what it does for you.

It did a lot for me.

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