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Staring at the Ceiling Gives Us a Flowing EP

An EP release from Staring at the Ceiling gives off a certain kind of warmth and a beautiful spectrum within the four songs on the record and throughout it all you can be moved and take in each track with your own perspective on life which is one of my favorite parts about the release as a whole. 

The Starting Over EP starts with a track called "Just The Beginning" and the title fits so well with the feel and flow of this track because it feels like letting go of something to start a new and perhaps that's what the song was about to them but even if not, as I said before, this is how I took the song in and it felt take it in this way.

Ambient and reverb-soaked guitars float like waves of an ocean with a sort of welcoming progression that has a slight sullenness to it but also a brightness at the end of its tunnel and it has a certain kind of power behind it that sort of breaks through.

This song is a perfect introduction to the record as it puts you in a certain state of mind and then the second track comes in.

"Luminescence" comes in with a sort of spiritually uplifting feel to it it brings together this sort of swing beat that beckons a chill hip-hop undertone and these bendy guitar lines that feel like the end of the story to me. Almost like you're waving goodbye to someone you know you're not going to see for a long time.

Along with the main guitar line, you have these very thin and drifting synths that float in the background and the whole thing has a rich feeling to it very attached to.

This track has a great way of growing has more instruments come into play and the whole thing kind of feels almost orchestral by the end but still has that same heart.

"Kaleidoscope" is the track that follows, and this one has a real focus on the piano which gives the rhythm and chords along with a similar kind of chilled-out beat but the guitar lines feel a little different and the approach tells a little bit more of a full-fledged story with its progression.

Just like the other songs on this record, these go through emotional stages and I'm sure that each track and the EP as a whole has a story behind it but the fun of this is to let this music be the soundtrack to your own story.

Believe me, you will put a story to this music from your life and I'll make perfect sense when it happens.

The final track on the release is called "Fire Flies" which has a deep and driving kind of bassline and the guitars have this drippy sort of effect on them which I'm not sure if it's a chorus kind of a fact or a tremolo, but it makes everything sound wet and well, dripping.

This one takes you back almost to the beginning of the record where you feel like they're sort of these waves coming through and just this incredibly mellow vibe that always seems to hit just right and always has a strange connection with the listener.

This EP is a beautiful record that pulls you away from your reality for a little bit and puts you into your own memories and I think that's part of why this record works so well.

This instrumental and emotional approach has a unique way of telling stories and they do it just right so that you do actually feel emotion from the songs.

This was a gorgeous record from Staring at the Ceiling and having some familiarity with their music by now, I'm very happy to hear so much authenticity and just plain warmth come through in music that tells stories without using words.

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