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Science Made Us Robots Returns with a single and full album!

A single release from Science Made Us Robots hits a righteous end high-octane thrash punk soundscape and does so with a powerful punch and a super tight feel from all members.

The track is called "Don't Jump" and this is punk rock and its true form as it hits like a blitzkrieg and gives you a sense of some of the bands that influence them.

Growing up in the '80s and '90s when I truly started getting into punk, I started off with bands like Minor Threat for example, and eventually moved on to bands like Pennywise later on among many others of course.

These guys capture that classic '90s thrash punk approach and do it with a damn near-perfect aesthetic.

From the guitar tones to the super tight drumming, this whole thing has a fist-in-the-air shout-out right along with the words kind of vibe and that's what we want from a good punk rock song.

Now this single is just one of 15 tracks from their full-length album called Paper Bones.

The album itself brings together other all sorts of other punk influences and really hits a colorful yet super edgy vibe and you can also hear bands like Rancid and so many more throughout this record.

All in all, this record fulfilled and satiated every punk rocking mean that I could have, and it felt really good to listen to you.

There are tons of tracks to jump around the living room to, headbang with, or sing along with.

The riffs are sometimes it's memorable as the choruses are and this is definitely a record that you want to listen to from start to finish so you can soak in everything it has to offer.

You got songs that reminisce, tons of honesty, and at times, lots of descriptive lyrics that let you paint pictures along with the punk rock sounds.

I love a good punk record that gets detail like that, and this record has one of the most important things of the genre. Heart.

This is a massive soiree of high-impact, endlessly fun, punk with an electric energy that never lets up and it's got loads of heart to boot.

This is for fans of the genre by any and all means and if you like one song, you're going to like them all.

It's been quite some time since I've heard an album that hit me like this one did.

You can tell the whole band had a massively amazing time making this record and it makes you want to go see them live.

If you want, check out "Don't Jump" first but again, I suggest checking out the record from beginning to end because although the single is amazing there are more than a handful of other singles on this record that are incredibly memorable, to say the least.

Dive in and turn it loud.

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