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SCHPILT Delivers A Huge Record

A recent album release from SCHPILT brings out a vast and lush soundscape that touches on a various set of levels of a dreamy and garage rock tonality that all is riddled with character and stories to tell and as they do, the songs begin to feel warming and almost cinematic at times.

The Everything Is Changing record boasts a lot of honesty and that in itself gives it an authentic feel, but you can also tell that a lot of this came from real places, and it gives it an additional emotional drive that I really enjoyed.

This is the kind of record that has layers that can be peeled back and some surprises around the corners but all in all you can tell that every member of this band had an amazing time creating this thing because that shows in the music itself.

Some of these tracks have a really great almost live performance feel to them as well and that has to do with the energy on the record itself.

At times it feels like the players are feeding off of each other's energies and that's what gives the songs this flowing and forward moving feeling.

There's also a Fantastical element to these songs and that brings me back to the whole cinematic backbone thing.

That is part of what makes the song so colorful and so alluring at times.

Certain tracks hit harder than others, ones that have heavier tones and distortions, others that feel more light and subtle, and there's even tracks that feel like they were written in a different decade altogether like the 60s for example.

I really like the diversity of the songwriting throughout the record and the deeper you go into this thing the more you start to feel like the songs connect and this might be a concept record.

This is something that I'm not sure about of course because I didn't write it, however, listening to it tells a little bit of a story and you can get the sense that maybe these songs served as chapters in the songwriter's life.

This is one of the things I found most addicting because you end up paying attention to the lyrics a lot throughout this record although you know these songs are immense and ever-changing musically.

The guitar work across the album is stellar and it's amazing how everyone in the band can kind of adapt to this particular character that the song demands.

I personally really enjoyed some of the heavier-hitting songs with bigger and more bendy and garage rock sounds. This may be because I love how the vocals melt into that heavier and edgier sound.

Those two elements together make songs feel graceful and beautiful even when they explode into fireball of intensity.

I love stuff like this and this band had a very particular way of portraying what they wanted to and it's all done with a certain level of heart and life.

This was a gorgeous record and I really would suggest you listen to it from beginning to end.

I think that was the way it was supposed to be soaked in.

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