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A beautifully Woven new Single from maria Lane Hits Home

A brand-new single release from Maria Lane gives off a unique and full-bodied breed of honesty where you can clearly tell the premise of her songs come from someplace very real and this not only makes her music very authentic, but it also gives her a sort of character that you end up holding on to right from the start.

The "merry go round (carousel)" single has a beautiful and forward-moving flow to it that has a way of delivering this vast undertone where everything seems ambient and almost dreamlike and between this feeling that it gives off and the lyrics, it's almost like the song could serve as part of the soundtrack for a certain chapter of your own life.

I absolutely adore songs like this because like I said, it's almost as if the song was written just for you even though you know it wasn't.

This comes from Maria's ability to give pieces of herself in her music and wear her heart on her sleeves openly for the listener to really say and how they will.

This is a dream pop track if you ask me although I don't like to just label songs with certain genres personally.

But there is this beautiful and graceful cinematic backbone that this track has to it, and you do kind of float alongside at the entire time and eventually get engulfed and then washed away with the whole soundscape of it.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is how she sings because at times it's really like she's using her vocals as an instrument bed of lush musical textures that lie beneath.

This is super fun and helps give the song not only that character but also a certain kind of color and there's something about that that sticks in your memory after the song is over.

Her vocals can haunt or sound angelic and sometimes both of those things at once and the way that the whole track is mixed is a huge player in that game which is something not a lot of people like to talk about in a review for example, but I love to simply because this is an imperative part of how the aesthetic of the track actually came through in the end.

The mix is spot on with a beautiful sort of wetness that layers underneath and then on top of certain things including those beautiful backing vocals that flow and float through the ether of this track.

There are different levels of reverb on the different aspects playing throughout this song from the instrumentation to the vocals and there are a lot of these beautiful synth pads that drive this song and give it that expansive feel.

I do love a song that has the kind of musical layers that this song has.

Now, this single actually comes with a b-side which is called "til april" and this one is really packed with a heartbreaking undertone, a sense of longing, and a bit of sullen emotion being put out there and I think it's important to understand that this is what art is really all about.

When I listen to this song I relate to it, so, although a song might be cathartic for Maria to record and release, and I'm sure both of these songs were, for the listener it can be understandable, and it can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random which is an amazing and beautiful connection to make musically.

This track has a little bit of a different feel in terms of the energy behind it and even the instruments because there is cello which gives this a more impactful feel in a different way than the first track did.

Plus, you have live drums on this one which gives a different vibe as well but all in all these two songs go together musically and lyrically as well because if you listen to them both in a row it seems like these are both part of the same story.

I would suggest listening to both of these songs so you can get a full spectrum of what's being given here and do it with headphones so that you can hear all these beautiful elements that are scattered about throughout these tracks.

A beautiful EP from start to finish, check this release out and see how it affects you.

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