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Rvkah Delivers an Addictive and Edgy Pop Single

A new single release from Rvkah brings out a fresh and slightly edgy pop approach that brings with it a color and a character that gives off a good piece of a personality and this is part of why you end up loving the song so much and getting so attached to it.

"Becoming My Ex" is an honest track that lyrically, gets into such detail and description that you can picture certain things vividly in your head and to an extent it's actually a bit relatable for a lot of people.

This track has such a brilliant production to it that has the cinematic vastness and its undertone but also uses great synths and keys to add a heavy edge at times which lets the song sort of swell and feel alive and breathing.

What's really cool about this track is the way that it has guitars in it as well so it's kind of a cross between this vast and bright pop single and a pop-rock track as well and both of those things come together in a way that compliments each other because the song was arranged and composed so well.

What are the things I adore about this song is the way that for some people, including myself, it can actually serve as part of the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life and I think that's a brilliant connection to make.

This is only possible because of how she expresses herself lyrically and where she puts her emphasis on certain parts of the song so the delivery vocally, really pushes the song to where it needs to be, but that production has a big hand in the very current and polished pop soundscape that it delivers as well.

There's something really addicting about the song, and I think it has to do with that character that she puts out because when it's over you feel like she was just talking to you and being honest, so you find yourself feeling closer to her in general.

I love tracks that form that sort of persona.

These are the kinds of things that make certain artists really good.

Not just putting out solid bangers but doing it in a way that they're giving pieces of themselves even if they're a little bit humorous, or a little bit dark, there is honesty there and that's how you know this all came from a real place and the song becomes more authentic and then you find yourself really wanting to hear more from the artist.

Rvkah nails that whole aesthetic and approach so well it's crazy.

Previous releases and I'm certainly glad I did because I found a lot of amazing tracks from Singles to full-length albums released on Spotify since 2020 including an album in that same year called Love.

When I find an artist I truly enjoy like this one, I find it completely fun to listen to their releases so that you can hear their sound sort of evolve because people change as people, and then that affects how they change musically.

With Rvkah, you get a lot of different sides to her personality and herself as an artist and including her songwriting approach and there's a lot to offer in her whole catalog not just this track.

This is the kind of artist that you keep an eye out for as I certainly will be doing because I know that there's going to be more to come in the near future. Or at least I hope so.

Either way "Becoming My Ex" has a very particular aesthetic that is very well done by all angles, and this is a song that should be on the radio all over the country right now in my opinion.

Check this truck out as soon as you can, don't be afraid to turn it up, and then check out some of her previous singles because you're bound to dig those if you like this one.

I'm going to give this track a 9 out of 10 hands down.

This song delivers more than I expected and does it with a charm.

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