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Chris Sloan Refreshes A 90's Alt-rock Power ballad

If you are one of those people who aren't too familiar with the musical stylings of Chris Sloan, then let us be amongst the first to introduce you to the artist as he is getting ready to release several upcoming singles throughout the coming months, one of them being an amazing and insightful cover tune which is set to drop on the 17th of this month.

Now, Chris is the kind of artist who takes things into his own hands and perceives music how he wants to, and this comes naturally to the Artist as you can hear in this very personal rendition of a classic '90s alt rock power ballad.

But let's back it up a little bit. If you are of a certain age and listen to rock music growing up during the period of the '90s and early 2000s, then you will surely remember a band called Candlebox.

The band had more than one massive hit during that time and we're on regular rotation on MTV.

One of their biggest successes was a song called "Cover Me" which was pretty powerful.

Chris Sloan decided to cover this track and he does it with his style which is in the vein of an impactful singer-songwriter sound, but it also gives the essence of Americana because of this natural southern tonality.

Chris took the song and made it his own but, it actually all started when he posted a video on YouTube of him performing the song live at his home.

Among the many that watched the video was Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett who commented on the video initiating Chris to do a full-on production of his version of the song.

In the end, Peter Klett not only helped produce the song but also played some guitar on it, so this is a very interesting and once-in-a-lifetime sort of scenario because not only did Chris alone cover this track in such a beautiful and deepening way, but he got a member of the original Candlebox band, to be involved.

This is an intense and different take on the track but also shows Chris's influence and love for the music scene.

Again, the release is set for May 17th and is just a taste of the kind of sound that we should hope to expect from his follow-up single which is going to be called "Embers In The Wind".

While we haven't been lucky enough to hear that one as of yet, we will certainly be keeping our eye out for it.

In the meantime, there are several incredible releases from Sloan that you can listen to while you wait for the 17th to roll around so that you can listen to his rendition of "Cover Me".

You can listen on his Spotify, website, and learn more on his Instagram or TikTok.

Enjoy the soulful endeavors of Chris Sloan.

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