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A Day In Pompeii Returns With A New Single

A Day In Pompeii returns with a massive new single that comes through with an expansive sound but doesn't stray from the band staple and heavy approach as the track bursts out in what feels like an orchestrated and almost operatic approach that has a major build intensity and a chorus that hits with a near perfect blend of color and edginess giving the track of vast tonality and power.

"Love In Exile" has the sort of chorus that gives a slight haunt as it has these keys that are played just underneath the heavy guitars and belting vocals, but it all comes together with an almost graceful feel in a way.

I definitely love how theatrical this track sounds but all the while giving off deep trudging riffs that pound and add this hard drive to the song itself as well.

The sound of those soulful sort of vocals and the heavy guitars and drums really come together well and seem to complement each otherwise.

The drumming on this track is outstanding and there's a lot of cool stuff happening with triplets on the kick drums that also add to that edginess and hints of aggression in the underbelly of the song.

One of the best parts of this track is this sort of lengthy bridge section that happens where it gives even more of a widespread feel and as this little area of breathing room and gives the track the ability to build back up in intensity once again just before the last chorus kicks in.

This part of the check is very progressive, and I like how it changes the feel of the song a bit.

By the second chorus around, you realize that those keys are part of the hook and that's part of what sticks with you but again it does add that haunting feeling and this builds on the gothic tonality of the song's vibe.

It's a very melodically heavy track and the guitar tone brings in such a huge sort of sonic presence that this track really pulls you away from whatever you're doing.

I love this raw energy and tone because it hits hard and feels closed-fisted with such a good vibrancy.

Some great layers of sounds sit atop each other throughout this track and the forward-moving flow of everything feels completely natural.

Now, we're no strangers to A Day In Pompeii and this track is packed with some of our favorite things about the band, especially the riff, and that intense drumming with just genius and what feels like a thrashing sound, and this is something I need to touch on because a lot of people forget about the fact that a song like this has to be mixed perfectly to come through with the aesthetic that it was meant to.

The mix of the song is damn near perfect with an amazing dynamic balance and believe me when I tell you something like this is not very easy because you have these guitars that give such a widespread sound along with the keys and the chorus that have a totally different texture to them, the base and the drums which have a kick that cut through everything amazingly, and the vocals that have a whole different flow.

Whoever was responsible for mixing this track knew their stuff because everything came together with just the right sort of impact that the song was meant to have.

This was a beautifully brutal song that came through with hints of darkness and memorable melodies along with passion and a hard-driving tone.

Check this track out and turn it nice and loud.

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