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Retina Sky Drops an EP That Feels Massive

An EP release from Retina Sky has a unique delivery of fast undertones and rock soundscapes that all have a dreamy after effect and each track has a little bit of its own persona, but they all keep you floating a few feet above the ground the entire time.

The Without Hope We Wither EP brings out intensified and anthemic alternative rock and spacious approaches that feel like they have a cinematic backbone and an emotional drive, but it all comes with this character that you latch onto from the get-go.

This record is an amazing job of sort of bending genres at free will and it all feels genuine like it came from someplace real which makes the songs all the more authentic but all in all, this is a record that feels more like an experience than just an EP because it sort of serves as an escape in a way and when you listen to the whole thing you end up being pulled away from your surroundings and forgetting about your own reality for a little chunk of time which for me, is a gift from music when it's done right.

These guys know how to put together amazing arrangements and perform them with a certain kind of passion and heart that really sticks throughout the entire record and the songs have a way of growing and intensity the deeper you go which again, brings me back to that sort of cinematic tonality.

There are layers to be peeled back in more than a few surprises around the corners, but this record has an amazing energy all in all which almost feels like some of these, or all of these songs were recorded live on the floor and the players involved were just sort of feeding off of each other the entire time.

Vocal harmonies are lush and ambient and the guitar work is really what makes this record so freeing and open while the drumming is spot on but alive and gives the song that little bit of added drive to push the envelope exactly where it needs to and the baselines let the songs flow in such a natural forward-moving style that it just feels like the songs are swimming in the air that surrounds you.

I definitely love that dreamy tone that stays true through all the songs, and they have a very pristine mix of these songs so that the aesthetic of everything comes through exactly the way it needs to.

Some of these songs feel like they could have served as part of the soundtrack to certain chapters in your own life and some of them can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and I think that's an astounding connection to make.

When things get heavier, they're still a sort of fantastical element that you can feel and the sonic presence of the whole thing is just massive but melodically driven, with little bits of fun and experimental effects that add to that vastness all the time.

This was a very well-built EP that had heart, authenticity, character, and a sort of gracefulness that lets you feel like you're floating face up in a lake staring at the stars in the night sky.

A beautiful record that you should listen to with headphones on if you ask me.

Check this out when you can, you won't soon regret it.

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