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Quarterbrain Releases an Epic Album

A fresh release from Quarterbrain brings out an ultra-heavy and vivacious soundscape with crushing riffs and a sonically immense soundscape that hits hard and blends grunge with metal and alternative rock seamlessly and with an intense energy and character that comes through in the form of pulse-pounding drums and animated and slightly aggressive vocals.

The Nuntii Distorti album wastes absolutely no time hitting you with ferocious approaches and these riffs are one of the catchiest aspects of this record right from the start so after that first track you kind of know what you're in for, so you buckle in and get ready.

This is a seven-track release and throughout those songs, you have these waves of thrashing and fiery sections and during it all you have this persona that keeps coming back with each song having a little bit of a message in itself but with the entire record connecting almost like a concept album would.

This is one of those albums that you have to listen to from beginning to end to get the full picture but also if you listen to one or two tracks only, you're not getting the full range of what it has to offer.

This is a unique and explosive heaviness that breeds everything from metal and grunge to hardcore and episodes of melodic fastness along with this energy that feels almost like these songs were recorded live on the floor where all the players were just feeding off of each other the entire time.

Now, of course, I could be totally wrong about the whole live on the floor thing however listening to this record certainly makes you want to go see them play this live in your face because if the energy is captured like this on record, then seeing it live must be even more intense.

And this record is indeed intense right from the start through to the end but during that time you get a lot of surprises around some of the corners, and you get sort of fists in the air rock moments.

This is one of the most driving records that I've heard in a long time and along with it you have these great moments of a sort of doom or stoner rock but with this overdrive to it which is such a cool combination.

This album is more of an experience than just an album and the louder you turn it the better it feels.

I also quite enjoy records that have some genuine purpose and meaning behind them, and this record certainly has a lot to say so you should listen carefully to that aspect as well while you're thrashing out with the heavy fierceness and magnitude of these guitar tones and these belting vocals.

At times I even pick up on a little bit of punk rock undertone but that may also just come from the attitude and the message behind the songs.

This record was definitely very well thought out and built with attention to detail, but it never loses this sort of heart or character that it starts with in the first place, and this may be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

This was an album delivered with gusto, charisma, character, heart, experimental undertones, hints of psychedelia, and gigantic tonality that all can engulf you.

An absolutely killer record from start to finish, check this out when you get a chance and do not be afraid to turn it nice and loud.

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