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Post Death Soundtrack Ramp Up for their album with a fresh single release

A new single from Post Death Soundtrack delivers a lot of elements of heavy and hard-hitting classic '90s alternative rock soundscapes and they do so with such a nail the static but also bringing it into a little bit of an even heavier platform at times with inventive riffs, layers of guitar tones, and an aggressive attitude that gave the track this massive vastness as well.

"Lowdown Animal" comes through with an unstoppable and fiery energy that gives this almost live performance feel like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time but the thing about that is this band is actually a duo and between two people they sure deliver a fierce and bombastic vibe and sound.

This is the kind of thing that blows me away because just between two guys they're able to pull off such a genuine and full-bodied heavy rock banger like this to the point where I would absolutely love to see this live.

Not only does this track give me a little bit of nostalgia but it has this complete edginess and massive sonic presence to it because the guitar tones are just astounding and the way that the track is laid out and recorded is also really well thought out, but it's got character to it, and this is the thing that you end up latching on to the most.

One of my favorite aspects about this track aside from everything, is the drumming because they're performed with such a tightness but there is a little bit of extra drive, and you can tell they're live drums and not programmed which is something that I tend to pick up on.

Everything about this is alive and breathing and these guys really pull together a track that is performed with vigor and intensity both instrumentally, and vocally as well because the vocals are just belting out with bending notes and this sort of arena rock feel at times.

Guitar-wise and just songwriting-wise this track in particular gives me an Alice in Chains type of feel most of the time which is an amazing thing because I haven't had that kind of feel or heard that kind of feel rather, and quite some time.

Now, having said all that lucky me got to preview the album that this single is a part of which is set to be released on the 16th of April and it's called Veil Lifter.

All I can say about this album is that there are more than a few surprises around the corner and listening to the entire thing from start to finish his 100% the way to go here because if you don't you're not really picking up on the whole story lines of everything but more importantly, by listening to only one or two tracks you're nowhere near getting the full spectrum of what the album has to offer.

Now, I'm not sure that this is a concept album per se, but there are interconnections between the songs in different ways and the record itself has a whole, gives off more of a dark-edged sort of doomish rock feel which comes through just as vast and kind of cinematic in a way but it's got this sort of escapism to it so that when you listen to the whole album it pulls you away from your surroundings for a little bit.

This record is massive and you get elements of metal, alternative rock, even grunge at times, and so much more all kind of meshed together in this one release and it's also got an incredible mix which is something that not a lot of people talk about in reviews which I can understand, but with a record like this the mix has to be spot on which it totally is.

This album has a specific aesthetic to it and the way the drums cut through and smash with such an intensity helps this record game the right kind of drive to push the envelope to where it needs to be.

This is a super professional mix, and the production of the whole record is damn near perfect, but it never loses that character, intensity, vivaciousness, or fierceness that is at the heart of it all.

I for one cannot wait for this record to release but for now, we do have the single to crank plus, there are some really good releases that they've put out which you can find on Spotify some dating back to 2008.

This was fun for me to start going through because I was able to sort of follow the evolution of the band in a way.

Check out the single and prepare yourself for the full album coming out especially if you're anyone who loves real deal, hard-hitting, dark-edged alternative rock because this is 100% for you.

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