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Oxygen Drops A Metal Banger

A thrashing new release from Oxygen delivers a mad soiree of metal subgenres that bring together elements of classic hardcore, death, and even touches of classic melodic metal and it's all delivered with a vast and brutal tonality with melodic choruses that come through anthemic and powerful.

"Armageddon" this whole song has an unstoppable and relentless energy that hits hard from the get-go and guitar work that blends styles in terms of being melodic but keeping those drudging and deep heavy sections as well and the way the whole track is arranged just keeps the listeners super engaged and still has surprises around the corners.

The drums are earth-shattering, and you get some ridiculous guitar solos that feature high-speed harmonies and more along with some halftime breakdowns when you least expect them, and everything comes through with such a tightness and attention to detail that it's crazy.

The level of musicianship here is outstanding and this is something that I want to touch on quickly because people who don't listen to a lot of metal don't understand the level of talent you have to have to be able to put together a song like this one for example.

All of these guys know their instruments left, right, up, and down and that's something that takes a real passion and love.

The composition of the track is super high level because they're able to put all these complexities in there and make it sound natural with a forward-moving flow while bringing in those head-banging heavy sections, mosh pit worthy beatdowns, and fists in the air sing-along sections.

To be able to put together a song that's this heavy and has so much technicality but still have it be super catchy, memorable, and deliver a hook that sticks in your head for hours after the song has ended is really impressive.

What's more is that even with some insane guitar sections and tricky double kick work on the drums, you can tell they're even holding back a little bit to keep the song at a certain level so that it still comes through really powerful and catchy.

I'm sure all of these guys can spend two straight hours thrashing refs and destroying everything coated with endless guitar solos that would boggle your mind but they're about the songwriting process and that's important.

These guys all know exactly what they're doing when they're doing it and the energy of this track alone makes you want to see these guys live in your face because if it's captured this well on a recording, then seeing them live must just be face melting.

And this is what you'd want from a band like this. You'd want your face to be melted.

Again, their ability to combine different subgenres of metal seamlessly is outstanding and so the appeal for metalheads and people into hard-hitting music like this is such a wide range.

I love how they bring in the melodic sections in between the screaming and grueling sections as well because again, you have elements of both worlds rolled up into one track.

The song also delivers character and persona which just comes from the band themselves and I think that I'll be keeping an eye out for anything else released by Oxygen in the upcoming months because I'm sure it's going to destroy just as much as this one does.

The bottom line is, that this is a high-level metal banger coming from a band that has a real love for their craft.

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