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OutWest band "Beers Up", “You” and "Stay My Ass At Home"

Patrick Lagrimanta on vocals and guitar, Woody Curtis Jr. on guitar and vocals, Matt Fate on drums and Ray Tozzi on bass collectively produce the type of music that ignites my enthusiasm. Their sound exudes a 100 percent American vibe, and these guys unquestionably deliver the goods as OutWest band. The moment "Beers Up" hit my ears, I knew I was in for something special. Admittedly, as someone no longer in the realm of youth, the prospect of shotgunning a beer may not hold the same allure as it did in my college days. Nevertheless, this track transported me to a place where a good time unfolds through music. The band's infectious energy translated into a good time for them, and I was wholeheartedly on board.

Balancing my penchant for revelry, there's a part of me that appreciates moments of introspection. "You," at least initially, emanates a more contemplative aura. However, the addictive hook quickly takes hold. The groove is lively and spirited, conjuring images of people waving their hands in the air to the infectious rhythm. "Stay My Ass At Home" carries a reminiscent spirit of "Beers Up." The lyrics are not only fantastic but also highly relatable. The fusion of these well-crafted lyrics with captivating melodies results in a standout track. In all honesty, these musicians strike a chord with me on a personal level. They embody the essence of honest American music that possesses the potential to resonate with a broad audience. The sincerity and authenticity in their craft mirror aspects of my own musical preferences, making their work compelling and relatable.

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