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Mr. Mule's goblin rock opus sucks you in and may never let you go

Mr. Mule drops a dark trip into another world with Transmission From The Bog.

The 4 track EP is an audio visual story of sorts with fuzz toned guitars whaling away while chorus effected notes flicker in the outer banks of each track.

As the EP plays on it gives the feeling of being in a horror film and yes, you're the victim. A downward spiral into the depths of this wet desert rock opus, it's as if you found a diary of someone's last days and it's awesome.

There are elements of bands like Black Sabbath, Tool, and even Type O Negative dripping through as the notes sludge on in glory.

Mr. Mule put their all into this EP and it shows. Transmission From The Bog is pure escapism at it's best.

If you want a real experience it's either listening to this EP, or getting kidnapped by a cult.

Mr. Mule rules.

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