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Modern Day Idols release an album of rock singles

The latest full album release from Modern Day Idols hits all the right radio pop rock spots with a warm classic rock undertone and some touches of alternative rock shining through most tracks.

The self-titled Modern Day Idols album boasts some killer choruses and adds in some organs, and southern rock twists and turns here and there with some memorable riffs and a ton of hooks.

The songs are a culmination of several styles and damn can these guys write songs that stick with you hours later. You will find yourself singing songs much later in the day.

The record is packed solid with radio singles and it's all done with a seasoned maturity in songwriting but hold true to an inner youthful energy.

Songs like "Lust and Alcohol" are crazy danceable and honest while others like "Goodbye Boston" are full on singalongs with anthemic undertones.

These songs sound familiar and warm and the wild peaks through from time to time in the form of belting vocals and twangy guitar solos while pianos pound in the background.

Modern Day Idols sure know how to get you hooked on the sound and any fans of rock will love this record.

There are emotionally driven power ballads that have a 90's radio rock feel to them as well and it's all coated in lush vocal harmonies and heart.

Get into this record, you'll find a number of singles to add to your rock playlists.

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