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Mike Baker - Moonface EP

In his latest venture, Moonface, Mike Baker delivers a compelling three-song EP that dives deep into the zeitgeist of our fractured era. As Baker elucidates on his Bandcamp page, Moonface serves as a critique of the societal urge to detach from the omnipresent control systems—be it science, religion, government, or the military, echoing Bob Marley's call to "emancipate yourselves from mental slavery." 

The EP kicks off with its titular track, enveloping listeners in a soundscape of reverb-drenched guitars, distinctive percussion that marries organic and synthetic sounds, and a bassline that drives the song forward. There's a haunting familiarity here, evoking the moody atmospheres of early Radiohead and the introspective intensity of Interpol. 

Baker's vocals resonate with clarity and conviction, culminating in an exhilarating electronic breakdown that feels both unexpected and wholly satisfying. “Rawk n Rule” introduces a stuttering vocal effect that blurs the line between synth and guitar, with percussion that seamlessly blends electronic and acoustic elements. Baker’s repeated refrain, “Here comes the Aeroplane,” drifts through the track like a hypnotic mantra, enhanced by phaser effects that sweep across the stereo field, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience. 

Closing the EP, “Hey Moe Fiddley” ventures into groove-laden territory with its arpeggiated synths and a collage of samples that seem to capture the chaotic energy of a congressional meeting. Notably devoid of lead vocals, this track stands out as a bold experiment in texture and rhythm, showcasing Baker’s ability to craft immersive instrumental narratives. Moonface is a triumph for Baker, a short but potent collection that underscores his knack for blending atmospheric soundscapes with incisive social commentary. 

It’s a release that feels both timely and timeless, resonating deeply in the current moment while hinting at a future where artistic expression continues to challenge and inspire.

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