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Lenz (DE) Drops A Lush New Single

A new release from Lenz (DE) brings out a warm and lush soundscape that progressively grows and delivers a dance and house tonality and drive but does so with a subtle and almost fantastical approach and it all comes together to create this atmosphere that you don't want to leave.

"Mine Again" has a beautiful way of wrapping itself around you and letting you just get engulfed and washed away with everything that's happening as the soundscape swells and sways.

This single has a particular sort of vastness that gives it a lot of ambiences and creates this sort of ethereal feel which gives you the feeling of floating face up in a lake staring at the night sky and thinking of your past.

The synth work on this track is brilliant simply because of the dynamic balance of how it's given and portrayed throughout the song's course and how the arrangement and intensity levels let the song feel like it's alive and breathing.

I love the cinematic back moment in this track has attached to it and how you're able to follow this forward flow into a sonically wonderous and colorful place.

Everything about this track comes through with a certain gracefulness and that is part of what makes it so alluring and so addictive.

It's got a character to it, and I think that it's almost a rarity to have a track that's got this sort of dance and house blend have so much persona so to hear it here was incredibly refreshing.

My suggestion would be to put on a pair of headphones and really close your eyes and soak this track in to see where it takes you because it will certainly take you to a different world altogether and you will end up forgetting about your reality for a moment in time which in itself is a beautiful thing.

This is something that I've missed in a lot of different kinds of music for quite some time.

This track is massive, and it's got such a gigantic soundscape to it that it's like reading a chapter in a good book and then looking up around the room again and having to reacclimate yourself.

If you like this track, then I would definitely suggest taking a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog because there is a large amount of releases to swim through and everything gives a little bit of a different picture of how he produces tracks so you can actually sort of follow the evolution which is always fun to do when you find an artist you really like.

I give this a 9 out of 10 easily.

Check this out as soon as you get a chance and then check out some more after that, you won't regret it.

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