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A pop-punk Soiree from Not Dead yet

A new release from Not Dead Yet certainly has a way of hitting that classic skate-punk vibe but doing it with a great pop overtone and harmonious, lush vocals that hit with a vivacious approach and give the track an amazing blend of tones that let the song remain driving, but melodic and addictive as well.

"Sunset City" carries over with an endlessly fun and colorful vibe, but it also hits that great edginess especially with the guitar tones and the drumming because a lot of this track is performed with amazing energy but also mixed with a classic punk approach so that you have kick drums that cut through everything and you're really able to hear everything crystal clear.

I definitely love how they do the vocals on this track because there are bounce-back vocals, and all these great layers that add to the atmosphere of the song and also let you dig in on the lyrics a little bit more as well.

While all this is happening you have thrashing guitars and smashing drums and bass that all come together to create something that has a lot of punch but a lot of pop and its underbelly that comes through constantly.

This is one of those punk rock tracks that you can dance to, and you'll find yourself wanting to super quickly, although you can also sing along with your fists in the air just as well.

This whole track just feels good and has an amazing electric energy that comes through bursting so you're unable to just look away from it because it has a way of grabbing your attention.

There are also these elements of 90s pop punk in there too in the guitar riffs from time to time but again it's the full-bodied and robust approach that makes the song feel so full and so sonically driving and massive.

They are very good at creating these sort of breakdown moments that burst back into huge choruses and full-fledged rock and the whole thing makes you want to see them perform alive simply because they capture such great energy on the record itself.

This track makes you want to move the furniture back and jump around your living room to it so I would imagine seeing this perform live is that times 10.

This comes through with a great cross of old-school and new-school punk rock styles that encompasses skate-punk, pop punk, and classic punk all in one track.

You can also tell they had an amazing time doing it because that also comes through super strong on this track, and upon listening to it I checked out plenty more from the band on your Spotify page and they have some amazing releases starting in 2022 including an EP called Heart In A Pizza Box which is outstanding.

This is 100% for anyone who loves good, high-energy, and full-bodied pop punk through and through.

Check this out when you can and turn it nice and loud.

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