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A Beautiful Roots Rock & Folk Release from Andrea Robertson

An album release from Andrea Robertson delivers a wonderful and warm sort of roots rock approach and soundscape that comes with an amazing persona that you end up wanting more of only a few songs into this 12-track opus of an album, and by the time you're through with the full record, you soaked in so much amazing instrumentation and heart that you feel completely satiated.

The Seasons (The Complete Series) album bears a unique honesty and at times very descriptive lyrics that can paint pictures in your head as you listen but what gets you is this beautiful sort of energy that comes from the record and makes everything feel almost like a live performance in its own way.

For listening to the songs feels like everyone involved was feeding off of each other energy wise and that's probably why this record comes out so welcoming but also with such vibrancy color to it.

The whole thing is riddled with character, and this is one of the things you become attached to so as you listen through the record if you can to understand that some of these songs serve almost like chapters in a book and in order to get the full picture you should be listening to the whole album.

Another reason you should be listening to this full record is because, if you listen to only one or two tracks from this release then you're not getting the full spectrum of what the album has to offer as a whole.

And this record has a lot to offer.

This release is actually comprised of 4 Volumes finally put together in one release.

The instrumentation alone is gorgeous, natural, and at times gives the feeling of floating face up in a lake or the ocean staring at the stars in the night sky and thinking about your own past.

This to me, is incredibly connective, and when you listen to the record you will find that some songs feel like they could have served as part of the soundtrack to certain chapters of your own life which is an amazing attribute for any record to have.

This is not reinventing the wheel, but it is taking a soiree of amazing influences and rolling them all up into one release that gives you elements of Americana, folk, country, a little bit of blues here and there, classic rock, and folk rock along with plenty more.

But throughout it all, and most importantly, again, this record has loads of heart and you can tell that a lot of these songs if not all of them, came from someplace real which makes the whole thing incredibly authentic.

These songs can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and because of that in a way, some songs even feel cinematic or emotionally driven to an extent.

But no matter where it came from, it's all genuine.

There's something about the aesthetic of this record that makes you feel like you just got to hug from a loved one that you haven't seen in a long time.

It has been forever since I've had that feeling from listening to a record so finding it here was not only refreshing but it was rejuvenating in a way.

This is for people who love to have that warmth hit them when they listen to something. Anyone who wants to feel from a record or trigger certain thoughts or emotions from a record will love this.

It's almost like sitting by a campfire and listening to stories.

There's a strange comfort to it all and I feel like we all need that we're listening to music.

This record is almost like a concept album in a way where certain songs connect with each other, and everything was woven so beautifully and with so much soul and inspiration that all of that washes over onto whoever's listening to it.

And absolutely beautiful record from Andrea Robertson.

Take a swim through this record as soon as you get a chance, and again, listen to the whole thing from beginning to end so that you can really pick up on everything that's going on, here all the stories to be told, and feel all the feels that you're meant to.

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