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Karly C Returns With A Relatable Radio Pop Single

The new release from Karly C boasts a bit more humor and a really bright and colorful presence you just get hooked on as the single is delivered with a radio pop queen quality and attitude.

"In Love with Amazon Prime" is funny and really has a great way of formulating a heavy hitting pop song that shows some killer rock elements under the surface and being honest all the while with a good enough sense of humor to write a song about it.

This was endlessly fun, and it has a style that touches on nostalgic 90's and even 80's pop approaches and soundscapes while remaining current and alive with character.

This is one of those songs that you listen to and nod your head in agreement or point at the speakers and go "I feel her so much right now" as the song is so relevant and it is actually funny that we all feel this way from time to time.

Karly C has a pop star feel to her and she's characteristic and full of vibrancy so it's hard to not pay attention but on top of all that, the songs are excellent.

her performance on a song like this one, a radio pop banger, is soulful and she belts out and really sounds impactful even on a song that's meant to be an honest funny single.

We aren't too surprised as we are no strangers to Karly C, and she's always been able to showcase such massive talent that it's almost inspiring at times.

This was meant to be and surely is a pop single for the airwaves and the playlists out there so for all pop lovers, you should crank this one loud.

Karly C is back.

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