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Jordan Moed- "Finding Atlantis"

The latest from Jordan Moed is a song with a purpose.

"Finding Atlantis" is a completely fun and slightly gritty cross of classic hard rock and punk that's aimed at essential workers during the pandemic. A call out of appreciation and gratitude in a time of division and anger is exactly what we need right now.

Jordan Moed pulled it off without a hitch.

The song is catchy with a raw energy that's tough to beat and damn, does it rock.

Giving off the aesthetic of bands like The Darkness, loaded up with killer riffs and guitar work along with heartfelt vocals that just feel like a good time.

It's not often you get a great song with some edgy attitude and guts that has such an important message. A concept we may have forgotten about with everything that's been going on.

Show love for the people that are putting themselves out there.

"Finding Atlantis" is meant to spread the love and the appreciation as much as possible.

We need more badass rock songs like this, and more songwriters like Jordan Moed.

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