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Jazmine Flowers Releases A Gorgeous Pop Single

A fresh release from Jazmine Flowers brings out an array of passionate performances, building percussion, and an edgy pop tonality that all comes together without a hitch.

"Detached" feels pretty personal and honest, up front and straight forward and that all makes for a song that you pay attention to not to mention the music grow into a cinematic opus of sorts that takes ambient elements between choruses and then hits that hook hard and up close and it works like a charm.

The track has a youthful vibe and flows like water with vocals harmonizing in the background and synths popping in and out everything takes on a persona.

It's got a beautiful soundscape and the production is absolutely outstanding so the whole thing really fits well with the future of pop music as we know it. A combination of sounds and textures, genre bending and genuine.

This single approaches that cusp of future pop and looks over the edge. It pushes the envelope just a touch and hits all the sweet spots you know and love at the same time.

This is what pop music is all about. Coming from someplace real, creating with less boundaries, and painting a vivid picture through honest lyric.

Jazmine Flowers nails it with this track.

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