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Human Unity Drops A Rock Banger

A recent single from Human Unity brings together an alternative edge and a pop rock drive that deliver a massive and catchy soundscape that blends in loads of subgenres like grunge for example and a lot of that has to do with the Rifts and the actual guitar tone of the whole thing but it's the character that reaches out and grabs you.

"Attention" comes along with multiple hooks and layers of guitars that give the track this huge full-bodied sonic presence that is completely undeniable and behind all of that there's a fire and the whole track ends up hitting all the sweet spots that you could want from a heavy rock banger.

The pre-chorus of the song is almost as catchy as the actual chorus but they both hit with such a great punch that when the song ends you kind of have to shake it off which I adore.

But that pre-chorus is what helps build into the massive and almost anthemic chorus itself so that the track has these explosive builds.

There's something slightly nostalgic about this song almost like it takes certain elements of grunge and thrash rock from the early 2000s or late '90s and brings them to a new platform in a way but the whole track does serve as kind of a love letter to those genres in those periods as well so to me it feels like a track that I listened to growing up.

What it's the hardest is this relentless energy that literally never lets up and of something like a live performance in a way because it's like everyone in the band is just feeding off of each other the whole time and this also gives the song an added electric drive that helps push the envelope so that the song hits that aesthetic that they're going for.

There are a few little surprises strewn throughout the course of the song and they even really have this tonality that hits the mark as well in terms of the guitars and even the bass.

I feel like it's really important when busting out a song like this one, that the guitar tones in the bass tones are really on point and these guys really put effort into making sure that it feeds into that same aesthetic.

I think the drumming may be the most grunge-riddled part of the track and the drummer does an amazing job of being super tight but also having a hint of looseness so that the whole song has a liveliness to it.

I dig the vibes that this track gives off and how the band puts actual heart into the record.

Listening to a song like this makes you want to see Human Unity live in person just because if the kind of energy and catchiness can be captured on record like this then seeing them live must be awesome.

Upon listening to this track, I took it upon myself to listen to another single day released recently called "So Tasty" which has a little bit of a different side to the songwriting but still keeps to certain staple sounds that "Attention" does.

These guys put out some memorable songs with certain kinds of heavy-handed hooks that stick in your brain for hours after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the songs again.

If I were you I'd be paying attention to this band and looking out for whatever they have coming next. I know I will.

Put this track on and turn it up.

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