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Hullore Drops EP2

Hullore's EP2 manages to cram an impressive amount of musicality into a concise sub-twenty-minute package. Opening with the evocative "Pie In The Sky," a solitary guitar progression sets the stage for the song that steadily builds anticipation. As the track unfolds, it swiftly transitions between various riffs, with a central motif reminiscent of rolling waves, creating a dynamic ebb and flow that sets the tone for the subsequent three songs. 

The pace escalates with "Breathe," a track that may well be twice as fast as the opener. The drumming is notably intense, showcasing both technical abilties and a seamless integration with the overall composition. The urgency in the vocals echoes a cathartic quality, drawing parallels to the raw emotion akin to Kurt Cobain's delivery.

 Moving on to "Garden of Faith," the EP takes a heavier turn, accentuated by glorious guitar work featuring well-placed bends and robust distortion intertwining with a rolling bass line. A monumental instrumental break emerges before the two-minute mark, adding an extra layer of sonic intrigue. The aptly titled "Sun Meets Earth" encapsulates a fusion of genres seamlessly, delivering a heavy yet harmonious blend. The bass line, lead guitar, and vocals synergize to create some of the EP's most beautiful moments. The track serves as a testament to Hullore's ability to navigate across musical terrain with finesse. In its entirety, EP2 is a compact offering that eschews pretense, presenting a collection of solid rock songs. Hullore has crafted an EP that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of the genre, offering a diverse yet cohesive musical experience that doesn't overstay its welcome.

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