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A beautifully Honest Single from Scott Clay

A brand-new single from Scott Clay breeds a very unique form of honesty that's done through metaphoric but also very descriptive lyrics that let you actually paint these vivid pictures in your head while he's singing them, and this pulls you into the song in such a beautiful way that you end up getting engulfed and eventually washed away with it as well.

"Jade" is a completely gorgeous single and it is a singer-songwriter, sort of stripped-down approached track but this is part of its aesthetic so that you are paying attention to what's being said and it's this character and this persona that's delivered with such intensity and so much passion that you can't stop listening.

I find it so refreshing to hear a track that connects so well because this is the type of song that can cause memories of your own to sort of pop into your head at random and a lot of this is not just because of the descriptive lyrics but because of the emotional drive behind the song and how he displays that with his vocals.

You can certainly tell this came from someplace completely real and this gives the song such an authenticity which is something else that also pulls you right into the track itself, and his vocal performance and delivery are genuine, heartfelt, and done with a unique approach that lets the song comes through with a certain kind of warmth as well.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is the way that it builds in intensity and sort of swells and sways throughout the track itself so that you have something that feels alive and breathing in its own way.

The whole thing was incredibly well woven and at times you get the feeling that this was recorded live on the floor because you definitely get this live performance sort of energy like you're right there in the room with him.

Toward the end of the track, everything really builds up to a climactic and emotional section and this part feels cinematic and intense.

Scott's previous releases and I'm glad that I did because he has been dropping music for years and years with each release having a way of showcasing a different side of him as a person and as a songwriter as well, but everything has this great honesty to it, and he does have his own staple kind of approach to how he writes songs.

Still, it was amazing to listen to his evolution as an artist from 2016 up to now, which you can also do on Spotify.

There are EPs, albums, and singles all with the way of giving pieces of himself for all to hear and so can how they will, but a lot of these songs end up being relatable and some of them even feel like they were written just for you even though you know they weren't.

I love that kind of connection in music because you don't come across it often so when it happens you know it.

I would certainly start with this track, "Jade" so you can get a feel for his vibe and approach right now, and I'm sure you're going to love this because if you're someone who likes to think or feel from listening to a song then this is 100% for you.

Take a swim through this track when you can and see how it affects you.

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