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A Debut Single from French for Something

A new single release from French for Something delivers a certain kind of folk-rock warmth that comes with a beautiful character that you end up getting engulfed in and the whole thing has the sensibility of a live performance in its own way, so you are in the moment when you listen to this track.

"What's coming next" has a wonderful way of sort of blending in this almost 90s grunge tonality into the mix as well so you're getting these different influences that are coming through and it takes all of those and rolls it into one track, so you have something that's impactful but also feels familiar and almost nostalgic in a strange way as well.

It's one of the songs that you listen to and you feel like you've been listening to it on a '90s rock radio station for decades now and it makes me think of bands like Soul Asylum for example.

Of course, like I said it does have more of that folk-rock feel because it's got clean guitars along with distorted ones and the whole thing comes through very lush with these wonderful layers and textures that come together and create a sort of atmosphere.

The song also comes from a place of honesty, and you can tell if you really listen to the lyrics so you can feel its authenticity when you listen to it as well which is something that I look for in good music.

This check also makes me think of bands like Pearl Jam for example as well and not early Pearl Jam, a little bit later on like Vitalogy era and I haven't heard anything that even hints towards stuff like that in a while so this was completely refreshing for me.

It has a lot to do with the guitar tones and the way they're actually performed as well as with taking those clean guitars and those fuzz-toned ones and blending them together which is something else that I have to talk about for a minute.

The mix of this track is spot on and it's one of those songs where without a good mix it really wouldn't come through with the right aesthetic so whoever makes this track knew what the goal was because it comes through again and this personality that wraps itself around you.

The vocals are heartfelt and sort of passionate in their own way but they are unique and they do also capture some of that sort of 90s nostalgia in rock music but it also comes through very genuine and so you end up finding yourself lost in the song for a moment.

The vocals also have this little hint of reverb on them as do some of the instruments so the dynamic balance also gives off a little bit of a live performance vibe as well which again, has to do a lot with the actual mix of the song.

This was a great track that really gives everything that you would want from a full rock or 90s sort of light rock vibe and more so, I will certainly be looking out for whatever else this project has coming out next.

As for the single, on Spotify it seems like this is their debut release, and of very good one at that.

Check this track out as soon as you can and if you are a fan of any of the mentioned genres was above, especially a great, heartfelt folk-rock approach, then you're going to love this track.

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