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Hey It's Jay Drops A Massive EP

A brand-new EP release from hey it's jay brings out an honest and colorful pop-rock soundscape that is completely packed with character, honesty, and musical hooks that bounce around in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended.

The H.E.L.P. (Here Everyone Likes Pain) EP plays out almost like a concept record of sorts as the songs feel like they are interconnected with each other and each one tells a little bit of a different story, but they all boast a lot of this alluring persona.

The whole record has this youthful punch to it and vigor but there is a certain sort of maturity in the songwriting in a strange way and I only say that because these songs are really pop punk undertones bangers, but they have layers that you can peel back.

A lot of these tracks come out anthemic and massive which is really refreshing, and this is the part that shows that maturity in the songwriting because these songs have changes and progressions that are unexpected leaving you with some surprises around the corners.

You can clearly tell this is done by a person or people who have a massive love for the craft, and I don't just mean playing in certain instruments, I mean writing songs and putting them together to get them out to the world.

There's no one or two genres this record really is but it is certainly coded in a pop machine that brings that wonderful balance between color and edginess.

These songs certainly are huge and a lot of them come off a bit cinematic as well like you can see them in the scene of a film or a TV show for example.

I feel like that is because a lot of these are emotionally driven to an extent and that aspect really comes through in the performance as well.

Some of these tracks can be vast and sort of ambient in their underbelly while on the upfront, things are hard-hitting and vivacious.

That combination of those two things really makes for a beautiful form of songwriting that comes through impactful and memorable.

All of these songs are catchy and each one of the could be its own single for sure, but I would suggest listening to this record from beginning to end because it does tell a bit of a story and the songs seem like they serve almost like chapters in the songwriter's life.

I think this is an excellent way to portray that in an emotion and at times it feels like it's not just storytelling, it's someone that's going through different kinds of struggles and situations and using the music to overcome it in certain ways.

Get these songs can be a call out for help, inspiration, and so much more if you really listen.

I love the realness and authenticity that this record gives you because that I think may be the most important factor of it all.

It's that character that you get attached to from beginning to end and when you do listen to this record, I would say put on some headphones because you can really soak it in properly that way and still be able to sing along.

Believe me, this is a very sing-along sort of record but it also boasts that raw honesty that gets you into it a little bit deeper than normal.

This was an excellent record and I will definitely be paying attention to more from hey it's jay from here on out.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 straight up.

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