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Ficmaro Releases a Vivacious New Single

If you are out on the hunt for vast and expansive dance-pop, synth-pop, house, or electronica, then you just found the right article because we're about to introduce you to the sounds of Ficmaro who just released a new track dubbed "Blur" and it has a vintage undertone mixed with a fresh approach from start to finish.

This single has a massive and vast undertone to it that has a wonderful way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to and while you listen to it you are sort of pulled away from your surroundings and while this happens you get surrounded by the sounds of the track itself.

This release is a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to taking several electronic genres and creating one sonically driving track with them all.

The whole approach to this is beautifully done and you get such a wonderful and almost fantastic that turns out to be something you can move to.

There are a lot of classic house vibes here but with that comes a set of keys and robust digital instrumentation that creates a world for you to step into and enjoy.

The song is full-bodied and has an enjoyable robustness to it that invites you along to take a ride with it all.

You can hear all sorts of mainstream and underground influences of days passed while listening to the single and this is part of why it gives that nostalgic feeling when you hear it.

What impresses me the most is how these influences are incorporated in different parts and layers throughout the song itself and how this mending of sounds and styles works so damn well.

You can tell that anyone involved with this project has a passion for creating this kind of music and it feels like it was endlessly fun to do which comes through in the music itself. You can feel that aspect.

This is the type of thing that makes the song so infectious.

The song isn't reinventing the wheel of course, however, it is taking something and refreshing it by putting their spin on it and creating something that's almost like a love letter to those influences.

This is one of the more fun tracks I've heard and quite some time and it felt good to listen to it especially nice and loud.

This didn't only take me to a different place, but it took me to a different time altogether in a way and that is something I adore about this song.

Ficmaro takes his own path in a direction only he knows what he creates music and that is something that is to be idolized.

More artists should take a more personal and outside-the-box approach the way this one does because with it there are no walls and there are far fewer boundaries than the norm.

Dive into this song when you get a chance and take a listen to some of the back catalog from the project because it's well worth your time.

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