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Fantomacs and Markus Mueller Drop A Massive Record

A fresh album release from Fantomacs and Markus Mueller brings a lush and colorful combination of vast electronic blended with jazz tonalities and the combination of natural and digital instrumentation comes through with a liveliness and a full body tonality that feels amazing to listen to.

The Harmonious Fusion album is packed to the brim with character and a brilliant balance of color and energy which all create this beautiful atmosphere along with some deep grooves.

The instrumentation across the span of this release is incredible and some of these songs come out with such a laid-back and chill vibe while others have a more energetic and electric undertone to them but it all keeps to this swirling sonic persona that you end up getting attached to the most.

A lot of these tracks play off with such a cinematic feel and as this happens it blends a vintage and a new school approach together along with such eclectic and worldly textures that when combined, create an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

These songs are alive and breathing and each track has a certain kind of persona of its own however, I would have to suggest listening to this record as a whole from beginning to end because I feel like that's the way it was meant to be soaked in.

These songs swell and sway, they groove and will certainly have you shaking your butt in your seat along with picturing vivid imagery that goes right along with the music which to each listener will be different, but it still triggers the imagination and I think that's one of the most important things about this release.

This is a cool attribute because these songs can be driving but also have a subtle approach at the same time and it's the Sonic presence of the record that gives you those random images and everything is so bright and colorful. The melodies on some of these instruments leave hooks bouncing around in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended.

There's a lot of funk influence here and it works well on both the keys, guitars, and synths and electronic instrumentation as well.

There's a lot of amazing guitar work across this record but the whole thing is really built off the percussion as well and so there are tracks that feel so bountiful with drumming, beats, and percussion that everything seems to just surround you.

This record was an escape and we all need releases that give us that every once in a while.

For me, this record pulled me into a whole different world for a chunk of time and that was refreshing for me because I got to escape my reality for a bit.

Not only do we all need this, but I feel like certain kinds of music should be giving this to us.

With this release, it came completely naturally as did the fusion between the musicians on the record.

Harmonious Fusion is a title well put for this piece of work and again, I would strongly suggest listening to the whole record because it's almost like reading a good book or watching a good film.

When it's over you have to sort of shake it off and react on me back to reality again.

This was an outstanding balance of energy, color, electricity, harmony, rhythm, and character. Plus, you can dance to it all day long.

Went to this one when you get a chance, you certainly won't regret it.

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